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Apple has set out to transition its flagship products to in-house developed ARM-based processors over the next two years. @komiya_kj, an informed information leaker, has provided a purported roadmap which sees an ARM MacBook Pro 16 happening in 2021, and the ARM iMac Pro & Mac Pro completing the line-up in 2022.


Apple ARM computers roadmap for 2021 and 2022 leaked

First things first, Apple is still thought to be rolling out the ARM MacBook (12-inch) and MacBook Pro (13-inch) by the end of 2020. These are supposedly povered by the A14X Bionic chipset, an enhanced version of the processor humming in the upcoming 2020 iPhones.

For 2021, a partial ARM refresh of the iMac and MacBook Pro 16 is expected. That is, ARM and Intel versions of the computers will be sold alongside each other until Apple ceases producing Intel-powered models. The latter is thought to happen in 2022, when Apple distributes the ARM iMac Pro and Mac Pro.


One device whose fate is not immediately clear is the Mac Mini – an ARM Mini could ship in 2021 or 2022, depending on circumstances. Of course, the developer-oriented A13X-powered Mac Mini – technically the first ARM Mac computer ever – is currently on sale.

Things are looking up for the eventual ARM Macs. The base A13X in the Mac Mini, literally the same as the one used in the current iPad Pro, already showed slightly better performance than the comparable Intel silicon. It will come as no surprise for anyone in the industry that Apple will coax immense computing power and efficiency out of its first ARM-based desktop and laptop processors.

Furthermore, starting prices for the up and coming ARM MacBook and MacBook Pro are said to be Apple’s lowest ever for such computers. Ultimately, once all the creative software is sorted out in terms of ARM compatibility, content creators and producers will be able to enjoy quieter, cooler, more affordable Apple hardware. And that’s the kind of progress we are after!

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