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Things to look out for at Apple's WWDC21

Apple WWDC21  ·  Source: Apple


Apple’s WWDC21 gave the world a first look at the latest OS versions on the company’s respective platforms. None of the announcements will make music creators leave their seats in excitement. But there are a few developments worth keeping an eye on in the future, including Monterey.

Apple's WWDC previews macOS Monterey

Apple’s WWDC previews macOS Monterey

What’s on the horizon?

On desktop, Apple unveils its new macOS 12, called Monterey, due later this year. This offers some promising features that could benefit musicians collaborating remotely on projects. SharePlay allows the sharing of audio and video during FaceTime calls which does offer immediacy which was perhaps lacking before, for example.

New iPadOS and iOS 15 versions on tablet and mobile also provide some new integration features for working across platforms. Monterey’s new Universal Control feature, for instance, promises some interesting possibilities. This will allow simultaneous control of your macOS desktop system and iPad via one keyboard and mouse, and even offers drag and drop functionality between the 2 platforms.

Spatial Audio on Apple Music.


Spatial Audio at WWDC21

Following WWDC21, an exciting new development for macOS-based music production will be the inclusion of Spatial Audio in the new version of Logic Pro due later this year. This will allow artists, producers, and engineers to create content for this format on Apple Music. If the past is anything to go by, formats like Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos mostly offer bigger artists another way to sell their back catalog, the same way 5.1 surround audio promised Pink Floyd fans a new experience of Dark Side Of The Moon.


As for Spacial Audio becoming a significant format for creators, this remains to be seen, or rather, heard. The majority of headphones, laptops, and car systems are only configured for stereo playback only. So, the format will likely be a novelty enjoyed by a select few. WWDC21 so far has revealed that Apple’s primary focus is remaining on top of the mobile market, while strengthening certain neglected areas of their desktop OS like Safari browser, where they have been playing catchup to competitors like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Check out the main keynote below, flip forward to 1:20 for the macOS 12 Monterey section.

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Things to look out for at Apple's WWDC21

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