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API 3124V Pre-amp

API 3124V Pre-amp  ·  Source:

API 3124V Pre-amp Rear

API 3124V Pre-amp Rear  ·  Source:

API 3124MV Pre-amp

API 3124MV Pre-amp  ·  Source:

API 3124MV Pre-amp Rear

API 3124MV Pre-amp Rear  ·  Source:


Modern workflows often demand different requirements from our select choice of outboard loveliness. Truly harnessing the character of your outboard, in this case classic 3124 pre-amps, can be difficult without a mixer or other means of controlling your signal chain. API have addressed this frustration head-on and added a new feature while they were at it.


API 3124V and 3124MV Pre-amp units

The 3124V is essentially the same unit as API’s current 3124+, while the 3124MV is the same unit as the 3124mb+. These supposedly have the same classic pre-amp circuitry that so many people enjoy, including the 2520 op-amps. However, they come with two new features to suit modern workflows.

First up are new output level controls for each pre-amp. This is something I bet many API fans have been waiting for for a long time. Having an output level control can really aid in setting up your entire signal chain. This is a feature I wish many classic pre-amp models would offer. It’s a shame they didn’t also include a high-pass filter as that can also be a huge help in modern workflows, or with microphones that have built-in HP filters set too high.


Secondly, because of the new output control, there’s also a switchable 3:1 output transformer selection. This is a great feature which should help you to harness more of the API sound, even in digital-heavy setups. API’s Director of Engineering, Todd Humora, has commented: “Do you want more transformer gain, or do you want more 2520 gain, or both? You can choose exactly what you prefer, and then use the Variable Output to make sure the level is where you want it.”

More Information

For more information on the 3124V, visit the API webpage.

For more information on the 3124MV, visit the API webpage.

The 3124V will have a recommended retail price of 3295 USD, while the 3124MV will have a recommended retail price of 3795 USD. These prices are only 100 USD more expensive than the current versions which seems fair.

API 3124V Pre-amp

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