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little labs ll2a

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There are plenty of options for those after a reliable hardware replica of the old Teletronix LA2A opto compressor. For example, California-based Little Labs is showcasing its own – the LL2A compressor and limiter – at NAMM 2019.


Made in partnership with AnaMod co-founder Dave Amels, the LL2A capitalizes on AnaMod’s experience in analog modeling to deliver what appears to be a high quality replica with modern design and audio fidelity. Although it looks like a 2019 piece of gear, the LL2A is a straight-up recreation of the classic unit, down to its exceedingly simple two-knob operation. All you dial-in is the input and output gain levels, the comp takes care of the rest. But you will also find bypass, meter, and link buttons with their respective functionality. Also of note is the neon metering display which shows either gain reduction or output level.

All in all, I like how Little Labs made a compressor from the 60s look like it literally came out yesterday. The LL2A will be available next quarter for an undisclosed price.


2 responses to “NAMM 2019: Little Labs LL2A, a 60s opto compressor for modern times”

  1. Dave Amels says:

    It’s not a new LA-2A. It’s a ultra transparent vocal compressor.

  2. Aaron says:

    I ordered one yesterday. Can’t wait to put it through it’s paces.

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