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Semiconductor manufacturers Coolaudio has designed an “analog synth on-a-chip” based on the Curtis CEM3396 as found in the Oberheim Matrix synthesizer. They are calling it the V3397 and it will open the door to some very compact polyphonic synthesizers.


The V3397 improves on the CM3396 by adding a bunch more VCAs. Inside you’ll find two waveshaping oscillators capable of multiple waveforms, a 4-pole VCF, a voltage-controlled mixer and four VCAs. It can produce all sorts of waveshapes and has independent waveshaping and pulse width modulation. There’s FM, filter resonance, an open-loop VCF design and stereo output with voltage controlled panning. There are also external inputs through the filter.

To be honest it sounds a lot like the description of the CEM3397 which is an enhanced CEM3396 with external input, stereo output and voltage-controlled panning. The name V3397 tends to give it away and it was also the version of the chip found in the DSI Evolver. However, all we have to go on is Behringer’s description which states the “CM3396” so what do I know?

Anyhow, what this means is that Behringer (MusicTribe own both Behringer and Coolaudio) will now be able to bang out a load more synthesizers in quick and compact forms. They say:

The chip is an improved version of the Curtis CM3396 and will allow us to create high-performance analog poly synths in a very compact manner. Stay tuned…

All very exciting.

Info from Behringer Facebook post

Info from Behringer Facebook post


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