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EBS effect pedal deal

EBS effect pedal deal  ·  Source: Thomas

Thomann has a pretty incredible deal on these four effect pedals from EBS – starting from as little as 79 euros each. It’s a limited offer and once they are gone, that is it. So don’t hang around too long if you want any of them.

EBS Electric Guitar Pedals Deal

EBS may not be known that well by most guitarists generally because the Swedish company predominantly builds gear for bass. Nevertheless, they build some great amplifiers and effect devices, and work with some big names that use EBS gear. Below are the four pedals on sale, with some coming in at less than half the regular price! A great time to pick up a new toy for your guitar.

The offer includes a bit of everything including reverb, compression, chorus and a Billy Sheehan signature bass drive effect as well. Don’t forget that this is a first come, first served deal available only while stocks last. So follow the links to pick up yours today.

Check out the official demo videos below to hear each pedal in action and follow my links to pick up yours.

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