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Allieway Audio VCV Rack modules

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Allieway Audio has released its first collection of VCV Rack modules that colourfully explore unorthodox takes on digital and analogue modular synthesis.



This is a Quad Stepped Voltage Accumlator, although Bumper is a much snappier name for it. It’s inspired by concepts found in Serge modular and computer programming. It can generate all sorts of CV for modulation, LFOs, clock divisions and utilities and with the right amount of encouragement it can become a glitchy oscillator.


A compressor and expander uses the MU-law Compander and is originally developed for telecommunication. It encodes and decodes incoming signals and processes them, squashes and distorts them in surprisingly organic ways. It can function like a waveshaper, VCA or even a mixer. The decoding stage also features a noise generator to add radio-style interference and crackling.


Cartoon Running

Apparently, this is about circuit-bent Newtonian Physics. It can pull off a serious amount of wobbling, chaos and crazy around audio and CV and really has a mind of its own.

Allieway Audio hopes that these modules will open up some previously untrodden pathways in your VCV Rack system. The three modules come as a bundle for $10 and there will be a further three added to the pack in due course making them even better value for money.

  • Module announcement page
  • VCV Rack page.

Allieway Audio VCV Rack modules

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