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ADDAC217  ·  Source: ADDAC

We often see Gates and Triggers as the same but actually when firing envelopes or drum modules the length of that voltage can make a difference. The ADDAC217 will ensure a short sharp trigger hits all the right places.


It’s about getting the right signal to the right place. The 217 will take up to four gates generated by any means and restrict them to 1ms triggers for firing envelopes or triggering drum sounds. Some modules will hold a value for the length of a gate and so give a different result depending on whether it receives a gate or a trigger. A converter like the 217 allows you to use a Gate as a single immediate trigger.



There’s not a whole lot else to it.

The 217 also features bypass switches so you don’t have to repatch the Gate if you want to use it as a Gate.

It’s 3HP wide and costs €70.

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