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ADDAC809  ·  Source: ADDAC System


ADDAC809 is a dynamic CV-operated “Chain Router” for audio or CV to find paths through 2 different chains before finding its way to a destination.



The name really gives it away, doesn’t it? In case you’re confused the ADDAC809 is simply the 9th module in the 800 series of analogue sound utilities. So, anyway, what does it do? This is a module for routing audio or CV signals on two different journeys. You could see it as a higher configurable and CV controllable effect Send.

Your source, let’s say audio from an oscillator, plugs into the Input at the bottom. You then have options on where this sound should go. You can bypass straight to the output, which is far more useful than you’d think. Bypass switches are sorely absent from most modular effects and this little function lets you do that to all the effects in the chain. What chain? Well, that’s the “effect send” part. You essentially have two loops, A and B. You patch “To A” out to a delay, then a chorus, flanger, bit crusher or whatever you want and patch it back into the “From A” input. Do the same from “To B” through a load of stuff and back into “From B”. You now have two chains or paths set up that you can route your sound through.


There are 6 routing patterns. The first one is In-to-Out which is essentially a bypass that I’ve already mentioned. Then you get to route through chain A and then chain B. The next two route through both chains in both orders. And finally, you have a parallel routing option. All of these choices are available to you without having to repatch anything.


CV control

The additional beauty is that it’s all CV controlled. So you can send a gate to switch the bypass on, or through in some voltage to scroll through the different routing options. You could bring on a cascade of effects at a certain point in a performance, or switch between different filters.

Now imagine all the same things but with CV as your source. You could set up impossible modulations and chains of LFOs, envelopes and steps that can be instantly transformed via a different routing.


The ADDAC809 doesn’t look like much but it could revolutionise your patching. It’s a lot like one of those large Matrix Mixers that lets you do all sorts of clever switchable routing but doing it with a single input and outcome in a much more contained space.

ADDAC809 is available now for €160.


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