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AAS Objeq

AAS Objeq  ·  Source: AAS

AAS Objeq

AAS Objeq  ·  Source: AAS

We are all frustrated drummers at heart. Tapping and slapping away on things to bang out the beat of our otherwise humdrum lives. Applied Acoustics want to encourage and capture that innocent performance and model it into something useful. Objeq will make your hands and fingers sound like an instrument.


With the clever use of your iOS device’s built-in mic and a pair of headphones Objeq will take your banging and run it through their modelling algorithms. Out the other end you’ll get something along the lines of congas, bongos, djembes and other resonant tones. There are beams, drumheads and plate resonator types to choose from and you have control over pitch, material, decay and tone.

The interface is dead easy to use if perhaps a little drab to look at. Simply move a few sliders and dots to alter the sound and adjust the parameters.

Objeq can also run as an AUv3 plug-in so it can appear in GarageBand, Cubasis or your favourite iOS recording software.

It’s an interesting way to bring some natural percussion to your tracks. I wonder how good it would sound using other virtual percussive instruments as the source material. I imagine that just spending time with it by itself could be very entertaining. It’s currently $3.99.

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  • Objeq iTunes App link


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