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Acorn Amps Mind Killer pedal

Acorn Amps Mind Killer pedal  ·  Source: Acorn Amps


Acorn Amps’ new Mind Killer Dual Distortion pedal incorporates – no doubt spotted immediately by all you 80s cult sci-fi fans – a Dune theme in its design, complete with Paul Atreides’ face emblazoned on the front. Can this new dual distortion spice up your tone?


Acorn Amps’ Mind Killer Dual Distortion

At the heart of the new Mind Killer Dual Distortion pedal are two discrete op-amp distortion circuits, wired in series that can be activated independently. Kick in both circuits for massive, ultra-dirty tones; the demo sounds in the video sound pretty damn awesome.

Mind Killer Dual Distortion

Mind Killer Dual Distortion · Source: Acorn Amps

Tonal Spice

To increase plenty the tonal variations on offer, Acorn Amps has added two switches on each side with bass boost and clipping diode modes. As you’d expect, the bass boost switch gives you more low end, while the clipping diode switch removes the diodes used on that side of the pedal, giving you a much cleaner op-amp drive instead. I’m really enjoying listening to all the tonal variations you can get with the Mind Killer! Having two sides to play with and then throwing these modes into the mix looks like it can get you wider variety of gain tones.

Blue Eyes

Two knobs on each side are labelled Spice (drive) and Life (volume), so the sounds should be dead easy to dial in. But the ability to bring in both two sides in series and the two extra modes on each side make this distortion stand out form the crowd, though.

Just listen to the video demo below and you will hear everything from nice high gain overdrives to fuzzed out hyper distortions. I think this thing will spice up your dirt tones no end. I’m a massive fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune, so the whole Mind Killer thing has got me hooked! I love the blue LEDs that give Paul Atreides his Melange/Spice eyes. But why tie in in a distortion pedal to Dune? The quote below gives you an idea of what this pedal is all about.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my fear is gone I will turn and face fear’s path, and only I will remain.” – Paul Atreides

Acorn Amps Mind Killer Dual Distortion with Blue LED eyes!

Mind Killer Dual Distortion with Blue LED eyes! · Source: Acorn Amps


As usual with Acorn Amps’ offerings, each pedal is made with hand-picked, individually measured components and things like Neutrik jacks. The pedal is true bypass and will run from an external 9-Volt power supply.

For a boutique pedal with loads of tonal variations the price is pretty reasonable too. They should start shipping by 20 November and you can pre-order them from the link below.

RRP – USD 225

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Acorn Amps Mind Killer pedal

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