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Aberrant DSP Digitalis

Aberrant DSP Digitalis  ·  Source: Aberrant DSP


Aberrant DSP Digitalis is a new multi-effect plug-in for all kinds of digital havoc you could possibly imagine. From spectral filtering to bitcrushing to corrupted data and rhythmic glitches, Digitalis sends your audio straight into a digital wasteland inspired by bad converters, weak connections and all sorts of errors. Sounds like fun!


Aberrant DSP Digitalis

Digitalis comes from the same folks who also brought us the wonderful SketchCassette and ShapeShifter plug-ins. And once again, the creatively designed GUI tells you all you need to know. Apparently inspired by early versions of macOS, it takes you on a journey back to the heyday of digital, when bandwidth was narrow, bits were scarce and errors were common. The interface consists of three “windows”, which you can rearrange as you see fit to change the signal flow.

You can, for example, use the spectral filtering paint box in the data manipulation window to filter your audio using custom patterns you can draw yourself. Just below it is a pitch section with faders for pitch and formant shifting, as well as pitch quantization. A telecommunications section that creates lossy audio effects completes the data window.

Dynamic bitcrushing

On to the corruption section, which is all about making sure that no bit is left intact. In addition to a decimator for downsampling effects, there’s a dynamic bitcrushing section with multiple modes. Think of it as a bitcrusher with an integrated compressor. After crushing the bits to pieces, you can leave the pile of rubble to rot by sending it through the bitrot section, which emulates data loss on old digital media.

Next is a time window, where you’ll find several ways to get creative in the time domain. Create tempo-synced or free-floating repeats, modulate their pitch, and add rhythmic glitches for an extra layer of chaos.

16-step sequencer

While those are already plenty of ways to send your audio to the crusher, that’s still not all. In addition to all this, Digitalis features a 16-step sequencer with four effect slots. This allows you to animate and modulate the plug-in’s parameters in time with your track, creating endless rhythmic variations.


To sum up, Digitalis looks like one of the most comprehensive digital destroyer plug-ins ever made. If lo-fi, digital and glitchy audio makes you smile, be sure to give it a try.

Price and compatibility

Aberrant DSP Digitalis is now available at Plugin Boutique* for an introductory price of USD 20 (down from USD 30). When you buy from Plugin Boutique, you’ll also receive their monthly special for free, which happens to be UJAM PHAT 2 this month.

Digitalis runs on macOS 10.12 or higher (including Apple Silicon) and Windows 10 or higher. It’s available in AU, VST3 and AAX formats (64 bit).

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Aberrant DSP Digitalis

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