Top 5 software synthesizers 2018

29 Jul · Here are the Top 5 software synthesizers or virtual electronic instruments that your computer should be chewing on in 2018. Did your favourite get on the list?
Arturia DrumBrute Impact

DrumBrute Impact: Arturia’s baby DrumBrute leaked

18 Jul · Arturia is ready to release the DrumBrute's little brother. DrumBrute Impact is compact, has fewer sounds but picks up an FM drum track, Brute distortion and a very tasty sub-300 Euro price tag. Now with video!
Top 5 Semi-Modular 2018

Our Top 5 Semi-Modular Synthesizers

16 Jul · It's been a bumper year for semi-modular synthesizers. Completely capable of being awesome in their own right but with a willingness to get patched into something greater. Here's our pick of the best.