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Tubbetec Wired Heart

Tubbetec Wired Heart  ·  Source: Tubbetec

Here comes another one of those weird, mini, naked, touch synths that are guaranteed to pull a smile across your face while generating large amounts of noise. Wired Heart is a surprisingly affordable noisemaker from Tubbutec in Germany. I wonder what makes it tick?


Wired Heart

They are calling it the:

Cardiotronic human-touch hexoscillatric stereo esoteric snythespacer!

And I’m not even sure if that’s a typo at the end. The focus of the Wired Heart is the sensors. It says there are 6 sensors but whichever way you look at it there definitely appears to be 8, although the bottom ones don’t seem to be wired to anything. Maybe they are decorative, or, as the labels suggest, they are duplicates for some unknown reason. Anyway, touch the sensors and weird stuff happens. The diagram below is supposed to help but I think it’s more likely that you’re just going to mess about and see what happens.

Tubbutec Wired Heart parameter diagram

Tubbutec Wired Heart parameter diagram

Tubbutec suggest that experimentation is the key. They want you to touch it, to blow on it, wipe it with liquids and stick bananas on it.

DIY Upgrade

The Wired Heart also offers some DIY upgrade potential. The kit comes with three LEDs, three photoresistors and a pot. You can solder these to the board to add a bit or visual flair and make the synth react to light.

As with all these things they look and sound like a load of fun. And for €24 that’s not too bad. I imagine it will eventually end up in a bottom drawer somewhere with The Sequencing Machine, CRAFTsynth and anything by SynthFarm.

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