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Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor

Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor  ·  Source: Erica Synths


Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor is a synth DIY playground that makes it easy to experiment with your own circuit designs. The kit includes everything you need to design, prototype, and test your own synths and modules.


Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor

Have you always wanted to get into designing your own synthesizers or Eurorack modules, but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve even built some of the brilliant EDU DIY modules by Erica Synths and Moritz Klein and feel ready to experiment with your own circuits. If that sounds like you, the new Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor is just what you need.

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More Information

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Shalom D. Ruben, an engineering professor at Colorado State University, the setup looks a bit like the electronics and physics kits I experimented with as a child. The main element is a breadboard that allows you to place and connect the various components of your circuit. The 16 holes in the bottom section are for jacks and potentiometers.

Customizable Circuits

To power and test your circuit and see how it works in the context of a complete synth, you’d normally need a lab setup consisting of a calibrated power supply and additional components such as oscillators and amplifiers. A lot of this is already included in the EDU DIY Labor, so you can get started right away. 


In addition to a power supply that delivers Eurorack-compatible voltages, there’s an oscillator with pulse, triangle, and sine waveforms that can also be used as an LFO. Moreover, the EDU DIY Labor offers a multi-mode envelope with a nice trigger button, a variable CV source, and an output amp with headphone and line outputs.

The Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor is available in two versions. The basic kit includes the “lab”, a power supply, a set of jumper cables, and various potentiometers, jacks, and switches. You’ll need to source additional components yourself. The full kit comes with an assortment of commonly used resistors, capacitors, chips, and transistors.

Price and availability:

According to Erica Synths, the EDU DIY Labor will begin to ship on June 18, 2024. The basic kit is €170 plus tax; the full kit costs €195 plus tax.

More about the EDU DIY Kit

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Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor

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One response to “Erica Synths EDU DIY Labor: Design Your Own Synth from Scratch!”

    David Rogoff says:

    This looks great for beginners and intermediate DIYers. I’d add a +5v supply and some 3.5mm jacks but that isn’t a big issue.

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