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EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler

EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler  ·  Source: EarthQuaker Devices


At Gearnews we do love a nice guitar pedal. And when we’ve crammed as many pedals as we can onto our pedalboards, we start to realise that managing all those pedals takes some of the fun out of having all those sounds available in the first place! That’s why we raved about Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things when it was announced at Winter NAMM 2019.


A utility pedal? Boring, right? Wrong. This thing has a wealth of useful functions for big pedalboard setups. Two true-bypass FX loops, one buffered (for drive, fuzz and whatnot), the other buffered for time-based effects. Among the other useful goodies on offer are a buffered tuner output, a Volume EXP jack (with the volume control after Loop 1 so it doesn’t mess with your dirt effects), an AB-Y switcher,  latching or momentary modes, a built-in boost of up to 20 dB… The list goes on.


Earthquaker Swiss Things

If you want to own one of these handy little fellas, you could be in luck. We’re giving away one Swiss Things box. To enter into the competition, all you have to do is add a comment below this post or on the Facebook news for this competition, telling us why you deserve to be sent one of these. The competition is open until 15 November 2019. Then we’ll pick a lucky winner who’ll receive a Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler direct from Gearnews HQ. Good luck!



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83 responses to “Win an Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler pedal – Enter Now!”

  1. Bleep says:

    Ye Chuck it here trying to escape the box

  2. Razvan says:

    Cause it’s my birthday next week and I had to sell most my guitar gear this year to help pay for various house renovations.

  3. I dont’ deserve this machine. I just love how it sounds.

  4. Earthquaker devices? I love it.

    My pedalboard is missing one pedal with the dimensions of 4.75 x 5.65 x 2.25 in. and so it happens that these are the dimensions of the beatiful swiss knife of pedals, the Swiss Thing.

    To this day, each military recruit (which includes most of the male population, since the Swiss have compulsory military service for all men when they reach the age of adulthood) receives a Swiss Army knife upon beginning their service. And I feel like I deserve a Swiss Thing for my pedal board to help me carry on through the war we all call life. and my music career.

  5. Sign me up, please. 🙂

  6. DarkD says:

    Swiss things given up sitting on the fence, broke it instead. Combination options are unworldly.

  7. Ian says:

    Christmas, birthdays, 3 kids, multiple grandchildren, numerous mouths to feed….I NEED a freebie!

  8. Josiah says:

    My great great grandfather moved to the states from Switzerland 156 years ago so our family could have a better life, having this pedal is a better life, obviously this was made for me.

  9. Sean Halas says:

    Do any of us really deserve anything. No…except me :). I’m a new dad and anything that reconciles anything would be a big help right now. Hehe

  10. James M says:

    Pedalboard saver! Gotta love a big utility pedal – I can put this to amazing use, and my wife can’t moan about me buying another pedal, as I wouldn’t have paid!

  11. Because at the age of 47 I’m still dreaming to become soon the next super rock star, and I need to be well equipped for it!!!

  12. “For those about to rock, we salute you!”

  13. Todd says:

    Swiss Cheese?

  14. kelly larkin says:

    would love to give this to my son for x mass. Its been a rough year for him. He has been forced to sell alot of his euipment. This would bring a smile to his face again.

  15. I mean christmas is coming and what would be best, than winning a free earthquaker devices pedal? Also a pedal that comes to solve all my routing problems, that has a boost ( so i dont have to spend another hundred bucks on it) and that looks amazing!
    So maybe i don’t deserve it! but god! it would be cool to win 🙂

  16. Duke says:

    I love Swiss Things. Swiss Cheese, Swiss Cocoa, Swiss Alps. Of course I need a Swiss Things Pedal!

  17. I need this to clean up my pedalboard and route my signal path. I use both channels of my amp with different settings and effects into each one, but I don’t have a graceful A/B + loop solution to switch between or blend them like this.

  18. Desmond says:

    I think it’s the missing piece I need to streamline my board. And EQD makes rad stuff.

  19. Karl says:

    Cause I’m the f@|<!n' Olympic gold medalists in procrastination.. always noodling around never getting around to actually setting up a practical pedal board for performing while being able to sing. Been thinking a box like this could this help with multitasking.

    one sunny day I’ll prove it to ya.. No really i will 😉

  20. This is a tone chasers dream. It would solve the issue of reconfiguring my pedalbaord, depending on the songs I am playing each week, at church.

  21. Matt says:

    This would hopefully give me some options for quickly re-routing my signal chain.

  22. Tyler says:

    I am a super nice guy…most of the time!

  23. Love this would be great for praise band

  24. W Todd says:

    I have 70+ pedals that need Reconciled. Save me!

  25. Dale says:

    I deserve one of these because I’ve been a very good boy this year and good boys deserve thoughtful pedal routing.

  26. AFH says:

    I’ve been after a Swiss Things since its announcement in the market, but life takes wild turns and I haven’t been able to get my hands on it. After viewing endless options for an apparatus that ties everything I need together, nothing surpasses a Swiss Things. I’d love nothing more than to rep Earthquaker Devices once more on my board with a do-it-all device that makes gigging/jamming easier.

  27. Jonathan says:

    Commenting to enter! I don’t deserve one of these wonderful devices, but I sure would like to use one in my pedalboard.

  28. Vincent says:

    Probably the best way to replace all the pedalboard tools in an great package for expanding boards, definitely need it!

  29. Tyler King says:

    I’m not gonna say I DESERVE this pedal more than anyone else, but I definitely NEED this pedal because I’m a perpetual tone chaser and this would help to enhance my tonal capabilities and make my effects pedals pop a little more. Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. jeve says:

    Me want because me-me is good boy.

  31. I would like one because this would seriously reduce the amount of tap dancing I have to do when playing live

  32. Danny Powell says:

    Hey there, pedal looks great, would look even better on my board!

  33. Eamo says:

    I wanna the swiss cheese

  34. Brent J says:

    Looks like a great device. Tjhanks for the chance!

  35. RTL says:

    This would be perfect for when my eldest son comes over to jam. Please enter me into the contest!

  36. sergej says:

    wish you all luck

  37. Tom Hunter says:

    So my pedalboard can form like Voltron to generate a new genre of music

  38. Chris says:

    This pedal looks so useful!!

  39. mrdoghead says:

    I do not deserve to be sent this thing, any more than any other kind, generous, education-focused, home-tethered, permanently horribly ill, sharp-tongued know-it-all with a computer or telephone keyboard. If you send me one, I’ll be happy, however – maybe even grateful, if it works as well as other Earthquaker boxes and I last long enough to put it to use.

    What, is that not a good answer?

  40. Thank you for letting me win!

  41. Tanner says:

    Because I will put it to good use. I play guitar and bass and this would really simplify what I do.

  42. Eric says:

    Looks excellent!

  43. Kerry M says:

    I definitely deserve this: with the minimal pedal board I have now, this would be such overkill that I’d have the most hilarious board ever seen 🙂

  44. This looks awesome. Right now I’m a tap-dancing manic using my pedalboard! I would put this to good good use!

  45. Oscar says:

    Boom Shaka laka

  46. skugga says:

    With two seperate layered modulation chains that I use as single ‘effects’ and two amps this is the perfect utility pedal for my setup. No more tap dancing!

  47. bertram says:

    I deserve it for trying to combine a reverse delay with a repeat percussion, a velcro fuzz and a phase shifter and it almost works. almost…

  48. I don’t deserve one. But it would nice to have something to clean up the pedals I built. Especially the true bypass…

  49. So many pedals, so few routing options. This would be fantastic in my rig.

  50. Manu laudic says:

    I watched mason used that thing and the way he was combining amps for recording setups was just amazing ! Would love to try that on my next record !

  51. Bits says:

    J’ai besoin de m’organiser.

  52. Bogdan says:

    i wanna cut some edges of my board…and I need this swiss little tinny multi-functional knife

  53. mao says:

    This thing pretty much solves every problem I have. Except being poor. Which it might help with that too, it seems.

  54. Tmk says:

    What happens if you loop it to itselfs output?

  55. filmchen says:

    Verry helpful little thing. Like it.

  56. crooney says:

    Because I need to overcome my fear of earthquakes.

  57. Eric says:

    I’d love to win one to add to my pedal board because it offers so many options either when directly routing or looping your chain back to the head without adding any extra noise with the engineered true bypass and buffering modes. And that’s a good thing!

  58. Been coveting this pedal since it was introduced, I have a plan for dual pedalboards with selectable stereo cabinets that is only able to be accomplished with this sweet sweet pedal. 2x 4×12 & 2x8x10 bass cabs, in stereo pairs, able to be a-b switched as well as loops to 2 different heads & two pedalboards & a multieffects… Lets do this!!!!

  59. Marc R says:

    All of my cash has gone down the hole in my roof, now I’ve nothing shiny for an Instagram post

  60. Keith says:

    Because I love utility pedals that would allow me to treat effects, mixers, instruments — everything in the signal chain — as a modular environment, allowing for different routings, bringing things in and out, and enabling an overall adventure with many possible pathways of sound and sonic treatment!

  61. anything that can help me sort out the signal paths for my effects would be a major benefit, and a major win, as well, thanks, and a much quieter setup overall, no doubt!

  62. Nathan says:

    Yes please! So I cann brag to my friends and salivate when I look down at my pedals!

  63. Anders H. says:

    I’ve been looking for something just like this! I’ve been trying to make the switch from making electronic music in my DAW to performing live music. The problem that I immediately ran into was that I couldn’t selectively apply my effects pedals to different synths in different songs, or change up the combination of effects easily. The Earthquaker Swiss Thing would get me back into the fun part of making music, and away from messing with the jigsaw puzzle that is my pedalboard 🙂

  64. paskual00 says:

    Because I don’t have any Earthquaker Devices pedal…

  65. Thanks for the chance. I would use this all the time on my pedalboard.

  66. The pedal is just paying it forward for letting earthquaker know in advance that as an entire year of hindsight approaches that leveraging time will be possible in having been doing what they do so well since the 1970’s. If the past is not your thing then i’ll trade the pedal for a picture of myself wearing nothing but a chain around my neck so that the device at the end of the chain(the pedal in this instance) is covering the frontal goods; a nod to it covering your other side in use.

  67. Daniel Anez says:

    Although I’d love to have one myself, if I won this, I’d give it to my band mate, Andrés. He’s playing a no-input pedal setup, and I think this would double/triple his sonic possibilities! But If you get me two, I’ll also have one of this, it’ll help me route my looper and reverb options much better that just in series!! This is our first recording:

  68. Nuccer says:

    It is about time that I win a competition. I’m starting to loose faith in life.

  69. Chris Carter says:

    Gimme that Swiss Things!

  70. Jacopo says:

    I deserve it because I really like Swiss things, you know, chocolate, cheese, army knifes…

  71. I’d love to win this please. Must find a way to organise my pedals with this please. 🙂

  72. Bob G says:

    Hi Jamie,

    We saw Noveller using The Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler and thought that it looks like it would be great for setting up some interesting effects matrices and treatments with it’s unique routing possibilities. My bandmate and wife Anna and I share a small collection of guitar pedals that we use to inspire us when we are writing and recording new music. It’s easy to see how useful this could be!

    Greetings all, and best of luck to everyone who’s entered the contest ? May the luckiest terrestrial being(s) win this!

  73. I most likely don’t deserve one, but I love my music and love to “rock on” so I guess I will hope for the best.

  74. John says:

    Wow. Getting some ideas I’d like to try to pull off with this pedal!

  75. James Dykes says:

    Half my pedals go directly to my clean channel, the distortion devices goes to my other channel. I control this with a LOOPI switcher pedal. The hum is always there on the distortion side. I’d love an intelligent switching pedal that solves my hum problems, and also gives me 20 db of boost. Amazing pedal!

  76. Nuge says:

    I feel like the pandemic should have made me produce more. I find myself feeling stale constantly, this would definitely push open some doors of creativity!

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