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Minimoog signed by Stevie Wonder

Minimoog signed by Stevie Wonder  ·  Source: Bob Moog Foundation


The Bob Moog Foundation is at it again with their ridiculously awesome raffles. This year a $25 ticket could snag you a vintage era Minimoog Model D signed by the legend that is Stevie Wonder.


Vintage Minimoog

The Minimoog in question has been played by Stevie and his signature takes the form of two fingerprints captured on a brass and plexiglass panel fixed above the mod and pitch wheels. The Model D is, of course, regarded as the most iconic synthesizer of all time and was the cutting edge of portable synthesizer technology when released in 1970. Used examples often change hands from between $4000-$7000.

It definitely looks like a well used vintage synthesizer as you’d expect but it has been fully restored and is in excellent working order. It’s valued at more than $5000.


“Moog synthesizers provide a way to directly express what comes from your mind. It gives you so much of a sound in the broader sense. What you’re actually doing with an oscillator is taking a sound and shaping it into whatever form you want,” commented Stevie in a 1974 interview with The Guardian. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bob Moog’s dedication to pioneering the realm of synthesis, and I’m pleased to support the Bob Moog Foundation’s efforts to carry his legacy of innovation and inspiration forward to future generations.”

The Bob Moog Foundation was founded in 2005 and is a non-profit organisation built to carry Bob’s legacy to future generations of synthesizer enthusiasts. They are not affiliated to Moog Music. They are currently working towards the opening of the Moogseum to celebrate the life and work of Bob Moog and the art and science behind synthesis.

Raffle tickets are available internationally but are limited and it closes on the 22nd of April. If you live outside of the USA then, if you win, you might have to help with the shipping and handling costs but the Foundation says they’ll do their best to work it out for you.

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Minimoog signed by Stevie Wonder

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