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The Remofinger G is a disconcertingly named wireless foot controller with… wires. It was one of those unusual finds at the 2015 NAMM show that then became a successful Kickstarter campaign.


This is one of those products that walk a fine line between being cool and being ridiculous. And on first glance you’ll find it either amazing or hilarious, and experience joy or bewilderment. For me, I was immediately struck by how curious it looked with what appeared to be patch cables attached to a screen. “What dark magic is this?” I thought to myself as I clamoured to find out where I could get one.

The Remofinger G looks like a floorboard controller, for a guitarist or instrument player, except it’s not physically connected to anything and doesn’t use MIDI or Bluetooth. Instead it connects wirelessly to its own little “console” box from which trails four patch cables. The ends of these cables have little suction cups which you stick onto the glass of your tablet, hybrid or phone. Each cable then becomes a virtual finger tip, tapping on the screen whenever the relevant foot switch is stepped on. You can use it to control anything you like; any accessible button on a touchscreen can be stepped on and virtually fingered. The genius here is that as the Remofinger is acting externally it doesn’t require any drivers, any software, installation or configuration – you slap a sucker on and off you go.


There are many obvious musical applications, like switching stomp boxes on and off in Amplitube or other guitar software effects; turning pages in a virtual music book; or controlling the transport in a recording app. But it’s certainly not restricted to these things. You could control games, spotify playlists, iBook, step through pictures or launch applications. Where MIDI fears to tread, the Remofinger G wants to step in.

It is marketed at the iPad for obvious reasons but will work quite happily with any touch screen running any OS – that’s the joy of being completely installation-free. The Korean based WifoCorp are now officially taking pre-orders for an introductory price of USD129 plus USD20 shipping to anywhere in the world. They should become available in January and there’s no mention as yet of local distribution.

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