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Waves Tune Real-Time plugin

Waves Tune Real-Time plugin  ·  Source:

Waves Tune Real-Time plugin is an auto-tune style product that can work in real time. The difference with this new software is that apparently there is no noticeable lag, so it can be used either live or in the studio. 

Spice Girls

Do we really need another performance enhancing software algorithm? Well, probably not, but unfortunately some singers just aren’t as consistent with their pitch as others. It can happen to the best of them and most singers are easily spooked, so it can ruin a performance if their pitch waivers.

The idea of being able to keep a good singer in tune isn’t a bad one, as musicians all have their off days. However, I don’t think this software can fix absolutely everything, no matter how bad it is. So if you are tone deaf you may want to invest in some singing lessons instead.


Tune Real-Time looks fairly well laid out and comes with some presets to get you going. Again I’d say go try the demo if you think you need this sort of studio / live tool. The competition for this type of software is already pretty fierce and so I am not sure what else Waves can add to the arena.

As an engineer in the studio I would always urge a singer to do a better take, but live this just isn’t an option. Of course, this software could, in theory, provide a safety net for your vocalist and so may well be useful to those working in live sound.

Works on PC / Mac within your DAW as a plugin.

The demo can be downloaded from this link and you can find all the technical specs there also.

RRP USD $199, but with an introductory price of $99 for now

Check out the two Waves Tune Real-Time videos below for an explanation of what can be achieved using the software.


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