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Wampler Belle Overdrive and Plexi Drive Mini

Wampler Belle Overdrive and Plexi Drive Mini  ·  Source: Wampler

Wampler has added two new effects to its superb line of Mini Pedals. The Plexi-Drive Mini and Belle Overdrive both look solid and will save you space on your pedalboard. Both pedals are based on classic overdriven tones and built in the company’s USA facility.


Wampler Plexi-Drive Mini and Belle Overdrive

Wampler already has a few fantastic pedals in its Mini Pedals lineup, such as the Tumnus V2*, its take on the extremely desirable Klon Overdrive circuit. The Plexi-Drive Mini and Belle Overdrive are the company’s latest offerings and both drive-type circuits should easily fit on your cramped pedalboard.

Plexi-Drive Mini

It is the British overdriven amp sound associated with icons like Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash and Jimmy Page: the sound of the great Marshall Plexi. In huge demand, and often copied, it is in truth the result of the interaction of real tubes between the preamp and power amplifier.

Wampler’s Plexi-Drive is a tried and tested unit that is able to successfully capture this sound. So in theory this new mini version, the Plexi-Drive Mini, should have the same characteristics as its bigger brother, but with a much smaller footprint. In addition to the well-known Gain, Tone, and Volume controls, you get a Bass- & Mid-boost circuit. (The bass control is meant to mimic the difference between a 2×12 and 4×12 cab.)

According to CEO and pedal guru Brian Wampler, the new Boost would optimise multiple gain levels at once, allowing considerable tonal flexibility. I think this pedal will be ideal for those looking to get those classic Plexi tones in a pedal that won’t take up too much real estate.

RRP – USD 149.97

Wampler Plexi Drive Mini

Wampler Plexi Drive Mini

Belle Overdrive

Before you say “Another one?”, just because a pedal is green doesn’t mean it has to be a Tube Screamer. This little green box is actually an adaptation of a legendary German circuit from the 1990s, extremely popular with the Nashville scene: The Nobels ODR-1*.

Mr. Wampler has given this transparent drive, with natural dynamics, more gain and overtones. The Color control is more than just a tone control. While the middle portion remains unaffected, the treble and bass are optionally boosted or cut. Together with the Bass control, you should have a variety of tonal options that are easy to dial in. Nice!

The small clipping switch on the left side of the case adds a little more compression to the pedal and changes the overdrive behaviour, giving it an extra helping of punch. Due to its versatile sound properties, the Wampler Belle Overdrive can be stacked with other drives or used alone.

Both circuits can be run with 9-18 volts power supplies.

Wampler Belle Overdrive Mini pedal

Wampler Belle Overdrive Mini pedal

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