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Vox Nutube-equipped Valvenergy pedal series

Vox Nutube-equipped Valvenergy pedal series  ·  Source: Vox


Vox has officially launched its Valvenergy series with four new pedals, each one a valve-driven distortion/overdrive style effect. The pedals come with a mini OLED screen and various modes to make them even more flexible for modern players and their various rigs.


Vox Valvenergy

The new Vox Valvenergy range, first announced back during Winter NAMM, has just been officially launched, which means we now have more details about them. Each pedal is driven by a Nutube that provides valve-like characteristics, and is at the heart of these pedals. You also have OLED screens and, apart from the Cutting Edge, all pedals feature a bright switch.

Vox Nutube-equipped Valvenergy Cutting Edge with OLED screen

Vox Nutube-equipped Valvenergy Cutting Edge with OLED screen · Source: Vox

The range consists of Copperhead Drive, Silk Drive, Cutting Edge, and Mystic Edge pedals, with each one having its own unique characteristic and flavour. The pedals can be run as standard stompboxes, or in preamp mode, you can use one in front of a power amp and cop a different amp tone from your rig. And the cab-sim mode, which outputs a line-level signal, should be perfect for your DAW or mixer input.

Vox Nutube-equipped Valvenergy pedal series

Vox Nutube-equipped Valvenergy pedal series · Source: Vox

Copperhead Drive

The Copperhead Drive is a distortion/overdrive pedal with a distinct ’80s flavour. Vox states that the drive recreates the “classic full stack amp tone, used for the powerful sound of hard rock in the 80s.”

Silk Drive

As the name suggests, the Silk Drive is designed to give you a more refined, boutique vintage amplifier style overdrive, with valve-amp style tube compression weighing heavily in the drive tone. According to Vox, the Silk Drive “covers the range from warm cleans to bluesy overdriven tones, and perfectly expresses the subtle nuances of your picking.”

Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge is a more high-gain pedal, and is aimed squarely at those that want modern metal tones. You can expect a tight and thick drive, which should easily be able to handle brutal riffs along with soaring lead solos.

Mystic Edge 

The last in the batch, Mystic Edge, is based on the company’s classic AC30 amp tone, which you would hope would be spot on, as it is probably Vox’s most famous product. You should be able to get that AC30 chime we all know and love from this one.



They aren’t the cheapest mass-produced pedals on the market. But if you compare them to boutique overdrive pedals from smaller builders, then they aren’t that expensive either. What sets these units apart for me is their flexibility, as you have those preamp modes and cab-sim outputs. Plus, and this is the big deal, if they can get close to a real tube-amp sound via the Nutube technology, then they could be a great way to expand your amp tones. You can check out the brief demo video below to hear them in action.


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Vox Nutube-equipped Valvenergy pedal series

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