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VEKT  ·  Source: Faderfox - Reddit


Taking some cues from the Dirtywave M8, VEKT is a new pocket-sized groovebox and 4-engine synthesizer looking for development partners and product potential.



The demo posted on Reddit by “faderfox” shows a fully fleshed-out pocket-sized music-making device. It looks and sounds amazing.

The sound engines include a Bass Line TB-303 style synth, an 8-bit lead synth, a Wavetable synth and an implementation of the Mutable Instruments Braids firmware. The user interface initially fooled me into thinking it was a tracker like the M8. But actually, it’s more like the clip launching in Ableton Live which, for me at least, makes it much more appealing. The physical knobs are also very welcome. That’s something the M8 lacks, although the M8 has a touch screen for those sorts of things.

Currently, VEKT is a prototype based on the Teensy processor. It’s built and soldered by hand, making them rather expensive. The plan is to build a few to generate interest and then look into the possibilities of production. Faderfox is also hoping to partner up with professional programmers to dig a little deeper into the possibilities.


Faderfox is also known as uszymyszy and is an indie game developer known for Rat Racer, which is available on Steam. They first posted about the project a couple of years ago. VEKT is looking excellent and really could be an exciting product if it can be brought to life. I feel a Kickstarter could be in its future very soon.


I built a Pocket Operator alternative, here are the synth engines:
by u/faderfox in synthesizers


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One response to “VEKT: Pocket Operator inspired synth and sequencer under development”

    Jonathan says:

    had a M8, sold it. amazing little deviсe but i сouldnt get into the traсker workflow. сlip based launcher with internal synth would be perfect. i love my soniсware smpltrek only thing missing is onboard sounds. i hope it сan be made at a reasonable priсe

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