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UAD Spark

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Universal Audio just published a teaser video regarding a mystery new product called Spark. The launch is scheduled for March 30, 2022. You can watch the teaser video below and read my speculative ramblings…


Universal Audio Spark

Universal Audio isn’t giving us anything else to work with, save for a logo resembling a stylized flower. And that isn’t telling us anything immediately obvious. UA is a pro audio company, not a pro flower company! Likewise, our amateur forensic analysis did not provide any additional clues. No hidden meanings, no signs out of sight, no 25th frames, no backwards audio… just UAD being an absolute tease!

Where does that leave us? Well, UAD made it pretty clear that it’s broadening its product catalog beyond high-end recording interfaces. It unveiled the Volt line of affordable digital audio products along with its plans for a bespoke microphone line-up. What could be next? Well, if I had to bet money on it, it’d go towards products for the content creator market. Content creators are no longer a niche. At this point, they likely make up the majority of entry-level and ‘prosumer’ customers setting up their starter studios and upgrading over time.

If I had some more money to bet, it’d go towards the secondary assumption of a guitar/instrument-centric recording interface that is compact and connects to almost anything with a USB port. My final assumption, where I’m throwing my last 2 cents, is a device and software platform in the vein of iZotope Spire.


There’s a lot of opportunity to build an ecosystem and rope customers into it with such a product. I don’t know how well that’s working out for iZotope, though, because I can’t even remember the last time they talked about Spire. But UA has good chances at pulling off something similar, given its brand strength and decades’ worth of expertise.

Hopefully, UAD will shed more light on this whole Spark thing in the days leading to the launch. We’ll be keeping up with any news as they come.

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UAD Spark – Video

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UAD Spark

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5 responses to “UAD teases Spark: new Universal Audio product coming March 30!”

    Bob G says:

    Nope, none of the above:
    Spark=Sparc- the dsp chip in the apollos, etc. I would say the long awaited feature to allow UAD plugins to work natively

      Hubert says:

      They’re pretty much going to have to since the hardware is being obsoleted by new Mac M1 chips. I left the platform when I could no longer see the tiny plugins on modern hi res monitors and they seemed to have no plans to make them scalable.

    Les says:

    yet another audio app/product named “Spark.”
    The best they could come up with?Good luck the name seems cursed.

    JaySeb says:

    Ah! That’s why we have no updates on drivers & apps since last year… UAD has great products, but the support is so weak. Drivers and Updates should be a monthly thing… Software isn’t hardware…

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