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Tremolution Trem-O-Dapter

Tremolution Trem-O-Dapter  ·  Source:

The Tremolution Trem-O-Dapter is, as the name states, an adapter for your guitar’s tremolo system. And when I saw this, all I could think was, “Why?”

The Tremolution Trem-O-Dapter fits onto a traditional vintage-style bridge and allows you to use the trem with either a palm or an additional trem arm. Of course you can also use the original arm that is attached to the bridge as well. Trem-O-dapter fits onto the back of your floating tremolo bridge. You tighten the two screws firmly using the included hex wrench and it sits there looking like a hunk of metal that does, well, not very much.

I really don’t get why you would want to mount this thing on your guitar. It looks like a waste of money and a solution to a problem that simply does not exist. Watch the video below and let me know if I’ve missed something!

RRP USD $49.95-$59.95

Product details: Tremolution site

by Jef
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Dave Young
Dave Young
4 years ago

.Hey, Dave from Tremolution here.. I can understand your skeptisicm, all I can do is tell you why I created and use it on a couple of my guitars… I enjoy the Bigsby style flat arm over the round bar, and the fact that it stays in place, so this adapter will hold our flat arm in place unlike the usual bar on the vintage bridges that falls away. The standard bar is mounted low, so the tourque on the bridge is uneven when engaged, causing chords to not stay in tune when bent. The adapter centers the pivot point,… Read more »