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ZeroDebug touchAble Pro

ZeroDebug touchAble Pro  ·  Source: ZeroDebug

ZeroDebug has taken the uncommon decision to embrace more touchable formats than the iPad.  touchAble Pro has been released simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows making it far more versatile than your regular control App. And what does it do? It offers multi-touch control over all aspects of Ableton Live.

touchAble Pro

The original touchAble app has been running on iOS for about 8 years. The idea is that it’s a multi-touch controller for Ableton Live giving you the ability to trigger scenes and clips, move faders, controls and all that sort of thing. touchAble Pro is a completely redesigned and reimagined version that builds in all the feedback they’ve had from musicians over the original app.

It’s become more than a controller and is actually like an alternative and touchable front end of Live. If you’ve used Ableton Live on a touch screen such as a Microsoft Surface then you’ll know that although it responds well to single touches the clip play buttons and editing controls are far too small to cope with finger presses reliably. touchAble Pro sucks in not just the clips and mixing but also gives you the ability to edit MIDI and audio clips, add automation and control any of Live’s instruments or plug-ins. If you want to start controlling third-party plug-ins then you can create controller templates for them too.

ZeroDebug touchAble Pro

ZeroDebug touchAble Pro

touchAble Pro looks fabulous. The colour, visual feedback and size of the display brings a bit of life to Live. Mixing and clip launching is a breeze and the whole clip fills with rotating colour as it fulfils its loop. There’s a Play mode that includes a keyboard, or grid for note entry and you can use scales, note repeat, aftertouch and velocity based on finger position. XY pads provide a lot of controller fun with a physics engine and the ability to morph between snapshots. You can even drag-and-drop devices and samples from Live’s browser directly in touchAble Pro.

ZeroDebug touchAble Pro

ZeroDebug touchAble Pro

touchAble Pro is available now on Android for £27.99 and iOS for $29.99. The Windows version will be available through the Windows Store but currently it’s “not available”.

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