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Tone Vise Key Locks

Tone Vise Key Locks  ·  Source: Tone Vise

Tone Vice Key Locks system

Tone Vise Key Locks system  ·  Source: Tone Vise


Tone Vise Keyless Locks look to provide a simple way to access your locking nut system but without needing any tools to do the job.


If, like me, you own any guitars with locking nuts and a floating bridge system, then you will know the pain of finding an Allen key to loosen or tighten your clamps on the locking nut system, rummaging around to find the correct size to do the job.

Texas-based Tone Vise says its new Keyless Lock system does away with all the hassle of finding the correct size wrench, and that the system is easy to retrofit on to your existing locking nut system. The firm claims compatibility with Floyd Rose, Schaller, Gotoh and Ibanez Lo-Pro locking systems.

Tone Vice Key Locks in Gold, Black or Chrome

Tone Vise Key Locks in Gold, Black or Chrome · Source: Tone Vice

Finger Tight

Having installed a set on your guitar, Tone Vise says you can use your fingers to lock and unlock the clamps quickly and easily, with no extra tools required. If this works as advertised, it would be perfect for players that gig frequently and need to be able to change strings without the fuss of having to use tools, to re-tune when setting up their guitars.

The spring-loaded clamp blocks automatically lift off when you loosen them. It seems so simple that I find it amazing that it has taken this long for someone to come up with a decent retrofit upgrade that doesn’t need new hardware to replace the whole locking nut. Just add a set of these and away you go, it appears…

RRP- USD 45 available in Gold, Black or Chrome

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Tone Vise Key Locks

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