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Hungry Robot - The Wardenclyffe Deluxe

Hungry Robot - The Wardenclyffe Deluxe  ·  Source: Hungry Robot


Hungry Robot has announced The Wardenclyffe Deluxe pedal, an update to its lo-fi ambient modulator effect that adds more features to a circuit that was already pretty desirable in sound tweaker circles.


Hungry Robot – The Wardenclyffe Deluxe

I’m a big fan of Hungry Robot pedals, owning The Wash and a Moby Dick. Both are built like tanks and you can lose yourself creating new sounds for weeks on end. If you enjoy building expressive, musical morphing effects, check out Hungry Robot’s output to date.

Hungry Robot - The Wardenclyffe Deluxe lo-fi ambient modulator

Hungry Robot – The Wardenclyffe Deluxe lo-fi ambient modulator · Source: Instagram/Hungry Robot

Tap Tempo

Among Hungry Robot’s existing offerings is The Wardenclyffe, a lo-fi ambient modulator pedal. Hungry Robot is now releasing he new version called The Wardenclyffe Deluxe that adds new parameters. Among the new features are a tap tempo control as well as a wider range of modulation rates, plus an LED rate indicator. There is also an independent control over the level of the ambient PAD, and the CLOCK knob controls the operating frequency of the DSP. With this last parameter you can really muddy up the signal and easily generate nice lo-fi soundscapes.

Chorus & Bitcrush

Moving along through the possibilities on offer, we find a DETUNE toggle switch that splits the signal into two and detunes one side to create a chorus effect. The new CRUSH toggle switch lets you add a bit crusher to mangle your signal even further. Three small knobs add more options, too. A Vinyl Noise simulator gives you some turntable-style artefacts, like the ones you get playing old records. The Snake knob adds a filtered white noise/hiss to the overall mix. The Campfire knob adds a subtle crackle effect and the Pop knob adds, you’ve guessed it, pops. The ideal package, then, for anyone trying to emulate Portishead-style lo-fi effects in their recordings.

If you are looking for a lo-fi ambient modulation effect, look no further. This updated design looks and sounds fabulous, judging by the demo videos. The Wardenclyffe Deluxe is out on 31 March and pre-orders are likely to sell out pretty fast, as each one is hand built. I expect they will be very popular; I know I want one.


Like all Hungry Robot pedals, these will work equally well on guitar, synthesisers or anything else you like. That makes it attractive for studio work, too. I’ve always got mine patched into my mixing desk in my studio, because they’re one of my staple effects for adding character. And they’re lots of fun to use, too. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.

RRP – USD 279.10

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Hungry Robot - The Wardenclyffe Deluxe

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    Ricardo says:

    What a great pedal… I just dont understand if it has random vibrato like Shallow Waters or Strymon deco. Anyone?

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