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IK Multimedia ARC 3 studio  ·  Source: IK Multimedia


IK Multimedia is back in business with the third version of its ARC System room correction kit. It comprises a measurement microphone with reference frequency response alongside a room correction plug-in. Measurements of your studio room’s frequency response are taken and used to generate a custom EQ curve which solves deficiencies and calibrates your studio monitors and headphones to emit more accurate audio.


ARC System 3

The ARC System 3 from IK Multimedia offers quicker and easier calibration, a new correction algorithm and a brand new user interface. In addition to the included MEMS room analysis microphone, third-party measurement microphones are supported as well. Also on offer are advanced controls, for those users who prefer to tweak their settings.

What’s New

IK’s new room correction algorithm measures your room in a simulated 3D space around the listening position. A 3D snapshot of your space is created and “correction” is achieved without over-processing the final sound. You can also create measurements of multiple monitors and listening positions so that the hearing “sweet spot” can be adjusted for clients, or to accommodate different setups.

IK Multimedia ARC 3 DAW

The ARC 3 plug-in

Tune your room

Once a profile is generated, the ARC 3 plug-in is inserted into your DAW’s master bus and a correction filter is applied. This way, audio is heard with the impact of the room’s acoustics minimised. By default, the entire frequency spectrum is corrected, but limits to both upper and lower correction ranges can be defined separately. This means that it’s possible to further correct just a given frequency range. Additionally, the correction filter can be adjusted with more or fewer frequency bands to achieve a more precise or broader balance. Natural and Linear phase modes are available as well, for use in specific rooms and conditions.

Virtual Monitoring

The Virtual Monitoring feature enables you to emulate TV speakers, car audio systems and popular studio monitors to provide a quick monitoring reference for mix translation. Peak, RMS, Loudness and dynamic range metering is available alongside a real-time spectrum analyzer which shows how sound was interacting with the room before correction was applied.

IK Multimedia ARC 3 microphone

The ARC 3 measurement microphone.

All in all, the ARC System 3 is a competent package that’s priced quite comfortably. The software alone is EUR 120 (with VAT), and the kit with included microphone is EUR 183 (with VAT). The software is available now while the kit is on pre-order and scheduled for release in the coming weeks. You can check out more in the demo video below.

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Image Sources:
  • The ARC 3 plug-in: IK Multimedia
  • The new measurement microphone.: IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia ARC 3 studio

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