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The Taylor 50th Anniversary collection of guitars marks five decades of great-sounding and well-crafted instruments. Let’s take a look at these limited-edition models.


Limited Edition Taylor 50th Anniversary Guitars

In October 2024, Taylor Guitars will officially celebrate 50 years of the marque. Having been building guitars since 1974, Taylor see it fit to celebrate their innovation and passion.

This 50th anniversary series will be limited to 1,974 guitars worldwide, for each model. Arguably, not too limited then?

Included in the collection are some firm favourites from over the years, all of which promise to include exquisite tonewoods and craftsmanship.

Taylor Builders Ed 314ce LTD

Firstly, we’ve got this *Grand Auditorium-style acoustic with a cutaway. Visually, we’ve got a striking Kona burst around the top, back and sides. Tayor claims this gives the model a ‘vintage flavour’.

Taylor 50th
Taylor Builders 314ce LTD · Source: Taylor

What else are we working with? It’s nice to see V-Class bracing which should aid overall volume and clarity, which is exactly what you want from an acoustic of this guise.

Moreover, a West African Crelicam ebony fingerboard sits above a mahogany neck. Premium yet familiar materials should provide a comfortable and reliable performance.

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Taylor Builders Ed 314ce LTD 50th KoB
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Solid Spruce and Natural Tops

However, if you’re looking for a bargain, by comparison, then these versions of the 314ce series could be for you. Equally, each model is limited to 1,974 units.

Taylor 50th
Taylor 314ce Natural with Urban Ash · Source: Taylor

My pick of the 300 series is this *natural finish. By contrast, we’ve got solid urban ash sides, but again a mahogany neck. Whereas, the *solid source-topped version has sapele back and sides. Overall, just as bright and resonant, just showcasing some different flavours.

Each of these comes with a TUSQ nut, producing better harmonics in the upper mid-range, compared to plastic equivalents. We’ve also got dot fretboard inlays across these 314s.

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Taylor Builders Ed 314ce LTD 50th Nat
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Taylor 314ce Ltd 50th
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Taylor 50th 800 Series

Historically, this selection of guitars is crafted using Big Leaf maple. And here, they’re no different. In addition to the use of Sitka spruce, you’ll have a punchy and responsive guitar.

50th Anniversary Limited Edition Taylor Guitars
Taylor 814ce Builders Limited Edition · Source: Taylor

This entire range of Taylor 50th Anniversary limited edition guitars comes with amplification possibilities. Such as with this *814ce, we’ve got an Expression System 2 pickup which is well tried and tested. While we’re down here, the 814ce benefits from a micarta saddle and rosewood pickguard. By contrast, a lot of the others across the range have faux tortoise shell pickguards. How very modern…

A lovely instrument to use, with the combination of warm and huggable woods and a scale length of 22.5 inches, it should be a dream acoustic gigging guitar. Likewise, we’re working with a TUSQ nut with a width of 44.5mm.

Twelve Strings, less cash?

Also benefiting the 800 series, we’ve got a lovely *12-string 858e. After all, Taylor couldn’t celebrate their 50th anniversary without one.

Equipped with twelve of your finest D’Addario strings, which are maintained by Gotoh 510 tuners at the end of a solid Indian rosewood neck and headstock.

Completing the vintage look and standing out from the others in this collection, there are Progressive Diamond fretboard inlays that pop against the ebony fingerboard. By contrast, this 858e is slightly cheaper than the six-string counterpart.

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Taylor 858e LTD 50th Anniversary
Taylor 858e LTD 50th Anniversary No customer rating available yet

Sustainability and Consideration

As aforementioned, the Taylor 50th Anniversary series comes with faux tortoiseshell pickguards. Furthermore, Taylor isn’t shy in boasting about their responsibly sourced materials.

Well, their hard work is paying off as the Californian acoustic builder is honoured for their world-leading sustainability initiatives in manufacturing guitars. Comprising natural and synthetic materials, they haven’t compromised on quality or sound.

Additional Models:

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Taylor 614ce LTD 50th Anniversary
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Taylor GS Mini-e VSB Ltd 50th
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Taylor 217e-SB Plus Ltd 50th
Taylor 217e-SB Plus Ltd 50th No customer rating available yet


Overall, I like the ideas behind the Taylor 50th Anniversary series. Naturally, these are aimed at being collectors’ items. You only have to check out the price tag to see this.

However, I believe that 1,974 units per guitar de-values the whole limited edition idea. 1,974 guitars across all anniversary models I could get behind. It’s not quite as exclusive as it first appears.

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Taylor 50th Anniversary

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