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Takaab VLH

Takaab VLH  ·  Source: Siam Modular


Takaab VLH (VCO’s Little Helper) is a neat 2HP module that’ll add those classic Ring Mod sounds, Sub oscillations and noise to any oscillator.


Takaab VLH

VCO’s Little Helper was designed with musician Steve O’Hear with the intention of adding features to his Eurorack system that were commonly found in the VCO section of classic synthesizers. Those features are Ring Modulation, sub-octave waves and a noise generator. The VLH does all that in 2HP.

For Ring Modulation you need two oscillators; input A is the carrier and input B is the modulator. The first output kicks out the sum and difference of the two oscillators producing those classic Ring Mod tones. The next two outputs A/2 and A/4 produce one and two-octave down square-wave sub oscillations relative to input A. The A/2 output will also handle something plugged into input B and can get rather interesting with two different inputs. Finally, the Noise is an analog noise source that is close to white noise with some roll-off at the lower and top end.


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What’s particularly neat is that at the bottom of the module you get thru outputs of both A and B so you can bypass the module all together without having to use mults or stacked or split cables. It doesn’t make your rack any more complicated and adds in the possibility of some nice additional tones. VLH is an undeniably useful module that could fit into all sorts of places.

The Takaab VLH marks the beginning of a new range of modules from Siam Modular that are to be designed in partnership with outside artists and engineers. They really like the idea of combining their module making expertise with the ideas and concepts of friends from the wider community.

Takaab VLH is available now from Thailand for £115 or THB 4,040.

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Takaab VLH

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