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Jolin modules

Jolin modules  ·  Source: Jolin Lab


Four new modules from Jolin Lab including a Quad Cross VCA, Ultra-Squarifier, Chained LFO and Optocoupler Filter with Distortion. 


These are all a little weird-looking in these images but hopefully, I’ll acquire some better photos. The Instagram at the bottom helps a little bit.


It’s a quad VCA where you plug in an audio or CV source, then add a CV signal like an envelope or LFO to control the VCA – so far so normal. Each VCA has two outputs which send out the resulting signal. So essentially via a single input and modulator you’re getting a stereo or dual-mono signal output. There’s a switch to change the shape of the intersection to modulate the two outputs and another to deactivate. The significance of all this seems a bit out of my grasp at the moment.


Meanwhile, Getrekt will squarify the heck out of your audio or CV signals. It uses two analogue touch potentiometers to shape the effect and the pulse width modulation of the final square. You can push it into complete distortion, invert the waveforms, and get your fingers dirty.

Jolin modules

Jolin modules


9 LFOs chained together as a multiform modulation tool. 5 squares and 4 triangles with the same weird touch potentiometers as the Getrekt. Each one has a switch to push it into modulation with the next one spiking it into acceleration. Something interesting probably happens when you get your fingers onto the touch-pots but I’m not sure what.


An Optocoupler filter and distortion unit. This has a pair of nice faders that I understand. They control filter cutoff and resonance along with the trimmers. This does have a pair of touch points for messing about and a distortion button to ruin everything.

I’m not sure I’ve learned anything helpful in writing about these weird and incomprehensible modules. I imagine they make more sense in person. In which case head over to booth Z385 to see if you can find out what they’re all about.

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Jolin modules

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