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The Running Order gets a 1U twist while Airstreamer 4 gets a nice looping envelope update in a slimmer form.


Running Order 1U is really leaning into the 1U format and Running Order is the latest module to get the horizontal treatment. Running Order is a two-track trigger sequencer and Euclidean generator. It has the ability to run as a very precise master clock and clock divider and has incredible low jitter.

There’s a very simple 101 style 1 step note input mode with manual or CV controllable trigger repeats. Alternatively, you can use Euclidean mode to set the total steps within the circle and then the number of triggers within it. You can add in probability for each step in 101 mode or do it globally in Euclidean mode.

You can sync and reset each track separately, although they are normalled when nothing else is plugged in and have individual mutes. The Clock divider section can mess with an incoming clock to find various divisions or in tuplet mode, it can stretch clocks to the desired amount of triggers for a bar. Finally, you can store up to 8 patterns for recall. Running Order 1U Running Order 1U

A 3U version is also available but this 1U Running Order looks excellent to me. It’s €169 and is available now.


Airstreamer 4

Slimmed-down to 4HP the Airstreamer 4 is an envelope function generator with looping, ASR and AD modes. You have CV control over the rise and fall and continuous control over the shape without changing duration. It has a 1v/oct input for controlling the rate up to audio levels so you can use it as an oscillator. Airstream 4 Airstream 4

It has bipolar and unipolar outputs and an end of cycle trigger. The Polarizer knob can scale the envelope and inverts it when CV goes to negative voltages giving it a bit of a sidechain function. Other functions such as slew, Sample & Hold, Track & Hold are possible with an external CV.

Airstreamer 4 is €169 and is available now.

Superbooth can be found on booth B043.

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