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Waldorf tease

Waldorf tease  ·  Source: Waldorf


Or it could be a button but whatever it is it looks exciting and comes with the words “Welcome back, old friend”. Any thoughts?


Old friends

On the Instagram post, Waldorf used the hashtag #synthesizer which is a big indicator that they are talking about the reintroduction of one of their previous synthesizers. Big red knobs have been a feature of several of Waldorf’s synthesizers including the Microwave, Wave, the Q and even the NW1 Eurorack module. Although the size of the knob in the image isn’t like the Data wheels found on these synths and is more like the Start Wave knobs found on the Wave or the Cutoff and Wavetable knobs found on the Microwave XT.

Waldorf Synths

Waldorf Synths · Source: Waldorf

However, my first reaction to the image before seeing the hashtag was that this was definitely the MiniWorks 4-Pole filter – that outrageous standalone filter that would rip things apart back in the 1990s and it was all about that red knob. I feel it’s definitely the sort of product that would resonate with people today (do you see what I did there?). I could also dismiss the #synthesizer hashtag as some smoke and mirrors or simply something Waldorf always include.

Waldorf 4-Pole

Waldorf 4-Pole · Source:

There’s also the possibility that it’s a button, not a knob and what that could mean.

Anyway, Waldorf are in Booth Z170 at Superbooth and the first person to get there and get us a photo of what it is will get a toffee*.

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*not a toffee guarantee.

Waldorf tease

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