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Retrokits RK-008

Retrokits RK-008  ·  Source: Retrokits


Is it a calculator or the successor to the RK-007 MIDI Commander? All we know is that it’s effortlessly retro-cool and will be the “next small BIG thing in real-time multitrack.”



For Retrokits MIDI is their thing and so the RK-008 is likely to be a hardware MIDI sequencer housed in a very cool looking handheld format. The RK-007 had a similar vibe with its button pad interface and was used for firing off MIDI commands. The RK-008 looks far more advanced, versatile and comprehensive. Retrokits has also mentioned the MMT-8 which, I’m assuming, is a reference to the Alesis MMT-8 MIDI sequencer.

Update: They’ve released a quick video to show it in action:


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On the screen, we can see 8 tracks of something going on, but we’ve also got a 2-digit “Part” number which could indicate that each track supports multiple parts. All the numbers have alternative options that speak about copying, lengths, tempos, transposing and quantisation which are sequencing staples. There are also transport controls and a Loop button.

A grill to the left of the display suggests an inbuilt speaker but then that would mean it would have its own sounds. Nope, turns out it’s a metronome.


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The RK-008 is looking pretty nice and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it at Superbooth. Head along to Booth W430 and ask them about it.

More information from Retrokits

Retrokits RK-008

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