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Soundtoys SuperPlate

Soundtoys intros SuperPlate at NAMM 2023!  ·  Source: Soundtoys


With Soundtoys SuperPlate, you get 5 absolute classic reverb plates with three different types of analogue colouration and a range of digital features to precisely shape your reverb to your mix.


It’s been a while since Soundtoys launched anything new, so you can imagine the excitement of the user base at the announcement of SuperPlate at NAMM 2023.

Using Soundtoys SuperPlate

The 5 plate reverb models include the EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000. So once you’ve selected your secret weapon of choice, you can then choose between tube, solid-state, or clean colouration modes.

Here, the EMT V54 tube preamp, and the EMT 162 solid-state preamp have been carefully modeled to create a faithful reproduction of the original and provide you with flexibility.

Soundtoys CEO and lead designer, Ken Bogdanowicz, said “We love the sound of real plate reverb and wanted to bring the distinctive sound of our vintage plate collection into the world of modern audio. It’s been an incredible challenge working with these massive electromechanical wonders – shipping, repairing, and tuning nine of them at our labs as well as others in private studios. After analyzing and living with these devices for several years our team captured the true essence and variety of tones from the five different plate reverbs that we modeled for SuperPlate. We always try to take our effects beyond ‘simple emulations’ and with SuperPlate I feel like we found the perfect balance – switchable modeled preamp styles, built-in parametric EQ, and extended and dynamic decay time – to make SuperPlate a versatile go-to reverb effect. It sounds great and it’s fun and easy to use.’”

Additional reverb-shaping features include infinite decay, pre-delay, and modulation amount and rate. What’s more, there’s a parametric EQ with the option to set the left and right frequency points of your stereo image.

One of the most interesting features is undoubtedly the auto-decay ducking section that shifts that decay time to avoid overlap or masking. Soundtoys have also added a new batch of presets for Effect Rack that incorporate SuperPlate.


With these expansions, SuperPlate goes beyond being a vintage plate plug-in and becomes a far more utilitarian sound design tool.

Pricing and availability:

SuperPlate is now available from Thomann and this purchase includes a Little Plate license.

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Soundtoys SuperPlate

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