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SineSynth  ·  Source: Ekssperimental


SineSynth  ·  Source: Ekssperimental

Take 16 sine waves and 16 ratios and go to town creating Additive and Frequency Modulated tones in SineSynth from Ekssperimental Sounds.


It all looks pretty straight forward. You have 16 sine wave generators which you can use partials in Additive mode or as carriers and modulators in FM mode.

You can mix together the 16 sine waves and play them polyphonically or as a nice fat unison. Using the Ratio faders you can set the pitch of each wave in order to start pulling together different tones. This is how you combine frequencies in Additive synthesis. There’s something simple and delicious about playing with partials tuned to musically relevant intervals. Everything is modulatable so it’s quick and easy to introduce movement, envelopes and modulation into the waves.

In FM mode the partials can be routed into each other in 5 groups. Partials 1, 5, 8, 11 and 14 are carriers while the other waves act as modulators plugged into the one before it.

You’ll also find a dual-mode analog/digital noise generator, Glide, 2 LFOs, 2 envelopes, a waveshaper with ring modulation. At the end of the chain are a Reverb and Echo effect. If you get bored of sine waves then it comes with an additional 50 waveforms to play with.

SineSynth integrates with the Reason modular architecture and has 33 CV ins and 2CV outs so there’s lots to get your teeth into.

SineSynth is available now for an introductory price of £44 as a Rack Extension for Reason Studio.

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