GigStrap Pressure Point Pad. With nobbles!  ·  Source:

GigStrap Pressure Point Pad  ·  Source:

The GigStrap Pressure Point Pad is a guitar strap designed to help alleviate pain in the shoulder from wielding a guitar on stage for hours on end. If you own a ’70s Norlin Gibson, then you may know how heavy those guitars can be. Can these new straps help?

Strap on

I believe the idea is that the ‘nobbles’ (for want of a more technical phrase) should distribute the weight evenly across your aching shoulder and perhaps also give them a bit of a massage at the same time? Not sure if it actually works, but I do know that lots of my ageing guitarist mates do indeed suffer from ‘Rocker’s Shoulder’ and this could be a solution – if it actually works.


GigStrap Pressure Point Pad

GigStrap Pressure Point Pad. With nobbles!


Under pressure

I suppose it might hit some pressure points and thereby ease some pain. But if your shoulder is that bad, seriously, go and see your GP and get referred to a specialist. Or perhaps play a lighter weight guitar. Or, dare I say it: get down the gym and man up!

The company will be showing off the new GigStrap at NAMM and so if you are there, please go check it and let us know what you think of it in the comments below. If it works then I know a lot of players that would love to get one. Here’s hoping they will get UK distribution…

You can read all the details about the GigStrap on the official company site.

by Jef