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Beyond ByteBeat in No Man's Sky

Beyond ByteBeat in No Man's Sky  ·  Source: Beyond

Beyond ByteBeat Sequencer

Beyond ByteBeat Sequencer  ·  Source: Beyond

Beyond ByteBeat Waveform

Beyond ByteBeat Waveform  ·  Source: Beyond ByteBeat

Beyond ByteBeat Sync

Beyond ByteBeat Sync  ·  Source: Beyond


ByteBeat is a new update for No Man’s Sky that features a synthesizer and sequencer for adding music to your space base.


No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a first-person space exploration and survival game from developers Beyond. It’s evolved from a lonely but fascinating game of wandering about and dying on alien worlds into a multi-player, multi-faceted online universe where you can build your own base and throw space parties with all your friends. Or at least take a break from all that exploring, trading and dying. Into this universe Beyond has introduced the ByteBeat Device to help bring the music to the party. Inside is actually a pretty decent sequencer, synthesis and sound generation engine in which you can create your own music that plays within your base in No Man’s Sky.

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The BeatByte Device itself looks like a jukebox. Once you’ve learned the module blueprints from the Space Anomaly, constructed it and powered it (this is a game after all) it will immediately begin to produce sound. You can then get into the editors to begin crafting your own tunes.

There’s a sequencer with which you can write melodies and rhythm tracks. For a bit of instant satisfaction you can enable the arpeggiator and let it build the melody itself. In the Advanced Waveform window you can get stuck into the mathematical formulas behind ByteBeat. You can change how the waveform is being generated, how the components are routed, mixed and modulated – it’s like a mini modular synthesizer. They make good use of randomisation to make sound creation simple and accidental. And then you can sync it up with dozens of other ByteBeat Devices to build huge arrangements and swathes of music.

Beyond ByteBeat Sequencer

Beyond ByteBeat Sequencer · Source: Beyond

All of this is happening right within the game, in your No Man’s Sky base, using the in-game control system. The sound is appropriately Chiptune in nature or at least appears to be judging by the trailer. You can also use the Device to power lights and bursts of power that sync to your track. And then you can share your creations online.

This is going to keep No Man’s Sky fans busy for decades and Beyond says that there’s a lot more to come.

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  • Beyond ByteBeat update page.
Beyond ByteBeat in No Man's Sky

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