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Schaack Audio AnalogQ

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Developer Schaack Audio Technologies released a new equalizer plug-in called AnalogQ. Graphically, it is reminiscent of the coveted Massive Passive EQ from Manley and its sound quality feels very analog.

Schaack Audio AnalogQ

AnalogQ is not a straight-up replica of the original hardware. For example, the Massive Passive EQ features two channels, four bands for each, and filters in its mid-section. Schaack Audio’s take presents eight bands and two filters for both mono and stereo applications. Each band offers identical Gain, Q (filter width), Frequency (20Hz – 30kHz), Filter shape, and Solo controls. This enables Pultec-style boosting and cutting in the same frequency range. In fact, this behaviour is modeled on the EQP-1A schematic, which is also true of the Massive Passive hardware to an extent.

Likewise, the filters have identical Frequency, Slope, and Solo controls. This makes for a simplifed, but very functional interpretation of a true analog studio heavyweight. The equalizer is helped by an analyzer display which plots your EQ adjustments on the frequency spectrum.

On the technical side, there seems to be plenty of crunchy math happening behind the scenes. For example, the developer claims to have resolved the problem of EQ shape distortion near Nyquist which is said to be very typical of equalizer plug-ins and normally handled via oversampling. This contributes to a realistic analog-like frequency response. Additionally, a low-latency Natural Phase mode provides near-perfect phase and magnitude response. The plug-in employs 64-bit floating point internal processing and features a seamlessly resizable interface.

Schaack Audio AnalogQ

Schaack Audio AnalogQ

Price and availability

Schaack Audio Technologies AnalogQ is available from the manufacturer’s website at a price of EUR 58.31. The plug-in runs under Windows XP or higher and (coming soon) under Mac OSX 10.9 or higher as a 32 and 64-bit VST and AU plug-in. A demo version is also available on the website.

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