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Scaler 2

 ·  Source: Plugin Boutique

Over time, the webshop Plugin Boutique has come up with some interesting music software of its own, in addition to selling almost every audio plug-in under the sun. Its latest release is Scaler 2, an updated version of a capable harmony and chord generator/helper utility. Song analysis with chord recognition is the big new feature in version 2.

Scaler 2 knows all the chords

The plug-in is now able to analyse a full song and recognize both audio and MIDI content. After the analysis, you can use Scaler to come up with new chord ideas or voicings, change the entire harmony or try out new melodic lines. Everything stays in key, despite your modifications.

Furthermore, Scaler 2 supports MIDI input from controllers and plug-ins like arpeggiators and chord generators. You can send any MIDI information to the plug-in or customize chord generation, for example. It is possible to map chord sets to keyboard keys or controller pads and generate new chord sequences. Standard chord sets and ones used by professional composers are included with Scaler 2.

Additionally, it is possible to drag and drop any MIDI event from Scaler 2 into your DAW and put it through your synths and virtual instruments. Finally, a Humanize functions adds velocity and expression to a possibly rigid MIDI performance. All in all, a very useful plug-in to aid composers and improve your understanding of harmony.

Price and availability

Scaler 2 is being sold at an introductory price of EUR 48.59, down from EUR 58.50. An update from Scaler 1 costs EUR 18.83 instead of EUR 28.77. The plug-in is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats for 64-bit Windows and Mac computers. At the time of writing, purchasing anything from Plugin Boutique throws the Accusonus ERA 4 Voice Leveler plug-in as a freebie with your product(s). So a good time to try out Scaler 2 or another plug-in that’s caught your interest!

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