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BMAT Royalties Calculator.

Check up on your Spotify earnings with Royalties Calculator.  ·  Source: BMAT


Have you always wondered what artists actually make from streaming their music? A software developer called BMAT may have cracked the code, or at least made things slightly more transparent. Its website, Royalties Calculator, uses an algorithm to generate net income data, based on an artist’s follower count and streaming numbers on Spotify. The system isn’t quite as conclusive as we’d like yet, as the data from other platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and others are not taken into account. While this isn’t comprehensive data, it still provides you with an idea of where you are at in relation to your favorite acts out there.


Royalties Calculator lets you access Spotify earnings

The numbers reflected suggest that you can certainly earn a decent living through streaming, although it’s important to note that acts on major record deals will usually pay a large percentage of streaming revenue to their label. Also, streaming revenue is hardly the only game in town when it comes to business at that level of the industry. So keep this in mind before you go filling your head with ideas about streaming superstardom. To a top-tier artist on a major label, good streaming numbers are simply a necessary optic. Although, the BMAT Royalties Calculator does allow a useful amount of comparative data, sourced from followers/fans, popularity, and monthly listeners.

Who can benefit from using this online tool?

BMAT’s Royalties Calculator adds value for different sectors of the music industry. · Source: BMAT

What improvements could BMAT look at in the future?

The Royalties Calculator is certainly easy to use, simply enter the artist name into the search input field, and voila. The figures you can instantly access show an estimate on monthly and annual earnings via Spotify. It can also be a useful tool, both as an independent or signed artist, as you can check up on the billing arrangement of your publishing agreements and record contracts to see if everything adds up. Due diligence, as they say, is the hallmark of successful business endeavors. BMAT has developed a tool in the aid of transparency in the music industry, which is a step in the right direction for artists especially. It will be exciting to see them expand into other platforms and mediums for royalty calculation in the future, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this one.

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BMAT Royalties Calculator.

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