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Roland D-50 Experience

Roland D-50 Experience  ·  Source: Roland

Roland has a thing for September releases. Last year, of course, saw the introduction of the new Boutique TR-09 on “909 day” (9th September). This year the 9th is again pegged for a synthesizer release but this time they’ve added the tagline “Experience the D-50”.

Experience the D-50

So what do they mean by that exactly? The tagline is accompanied by a smoky atmospheric image of the original D-50 keyboard. It seems terribly unlikely that they will be reissuing a complete keyboard version of the classic synth. In which case that leaves us two options – a Boutique D-50, or a D-50 virtual synthesizer plugin.

However, we’ve already had the D-50 plugin. It already forms part of the RolandCloud subscription and was released back in June to celebrate the D-50’s 30th anniversary. So as the software is already done that would, perhaps, point the finger towards a Boutique hardware version. Or maybe they are simply releasing the plugin for free so that everyone can “experience” it.

Well, we’ll find out soon enough and you can guarantee that my totally objective and not at all cynical eyes will be all over it.

Follow the action on The Future, Redefined Roland website.


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