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Reaper ARA

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Cockos have announced that ARA support in Reaper “is coming”. This will mean complete integration of Celemony Melodyne pitch editing software.

Reaper ARA

ARA stands for Audio Random Access and is an extension to the audio plug-in formats. It was developed by Celemony and Presonus in order to more closely integrate Melodyne and Studio One. It’s since been adopted by several other DAWs. Melodyne use to work in a slightly disconnected way, in that it would take audio out of your DAW, work on it and then return it. A bit running an external audio editor. ARA allowed Melodyne to run with an editor directed on and connected to the audio track. So anything done in Melodyne was immediately reflected in the project.

Reaper ARA animation

Reaper ARA animation

Apparently, this is a feature long asked for by the Reaper community, and why not. It makes the whole Melodyne experience far less fussy and brings a much easier workflow. Most DAWs now either support ARA or have their own similar pitch correction software built in like Cubase and Reason. It’s good to see Reaper keeping pace with the big boys.

ARA is not just for Melodyne though, other plug-ins can support it although the take up has been slow. In fact, the only other one I can think of is Vocalign from Synchro Arts. I guess ARA is only really required by complex plug-ins that are acting on and directly processing segments of audio within the track of a DAW. The vast majority of plug-ins simply hang over the top of the audio.

No news on when the update will be along but reading the comments on the Cockus forum thread there’s a lot of people are are simply bursting with the awesomeness of it all.

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