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Koka Pocket Beatbox

Koka Pocket Beatbox  ·  Source: Koka

Koka Pocket Beatbox

Koka Pocket Beatbox  ·  Source: Koka

Koka Pocket Beatbox

 ·  Source: Koka

Here’s a fabulous device, a box of beats, a slab of rhythms and samples that you tap and play and enjoy and take with you that’s both simple and complex designed by Koka.

Pocket Beatbox

This dangerously hip and brilliantly portrayed in a very cool video from Nikoladze & Sons. Designed by Koka Nikoladze the Pocket Beatbox is a portable multisampler with a tappable interface that can turn any moment into a rhythm.

The hardware has 4 pressure-sensitive pads, 3 momentary buttons and a rotary encoder. It has a unique tap-detection algorithm that makes for a very high degree of dynamic accuracy. You can 16 multisample banks of mono audio samples, each bank containing 256 samples for a total of 4096 samples per kit. It can also be much simpler than that! All the kits and samples live on an SD card and you can navigate through them via the encoder and a small display. You can also edit them on your computer.

Along with the sample banks there’s an internal sound engine with 12 “808 inspired” synthetic sounds for each kit.

You play the box with your fingers triggering sounds from individual pads or a combination of pads and it can handle up to 16 note polyphony and you can prioritise cymbals and such like to let them sustain without being grabbed.

That’s not all. Along the side there’s a stack of inputs and outputs including MIDI In/Out, footswitch, expression pedal, audio outputs and microphone inputs. It also has an inbuilt microphone capsule for instant anywhere recording.

Pocket Beatbox looks like a load of fun with serious possibilities for hardware jamming and performance. You can reserve one now for €10. They say it shouldn’t cost more than €555 plus shipping. They were hoping to ship last year but the supply of the chips they needed ran dry. Now they are looking at April next year but hope to be able to deliver sooner.

I am loving the playability of this thing and the dynamism of the sound – fantastic.

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  1. Beat Up says:

    that’s a lot of money to spend for something that makes people tell you to knock it off.

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