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Pizza Hut DJ Controller

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Pizza Hut has announced a new DJ controller built into a cardboard pizza box with a ‘virtual-set of decks and a mixer’ printed onto it. Created in partnership with Novalia, this new limited edition virtual controller looks like a bit of fun, though with maybe just a bit too much corporate advertising for my taste.

Printed Electronics

Novalia, apparently, are experts in the field of printed electronics and have worked to fit two decks and a virtual mixer into a standard pizza carton. The device uses Bluetooth to sync your laptop or smartphone to the ‘virtual decks’ which then allow you to them to mix your music in real-time.

Greasy Fingers?

The concept is fun, though I’d be a bit concerned if there had been a pizza in the box, as you’d get all greasy and bits of pepperoni all over your crossfader.

Apart from cheese-related mixing mishaps, this idea just goes to show what you can do with printed electronics and a Bluetooth connection. Pity about the corporate sponsor, but at least it’ll get some press coverage! Currently, the promotion is only available in the UK and you have to tweet @PizzaHutUK on Twitter to find out which stores have the promotion, as not all the Pizza Hut stores are doing this promo.

Get ready to see these on Ebay for inflated prices, minus the pizza of course.

Check the videos below to see what it is all about.


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