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Palmer Supreme Soaker

Palmer Supreme Soaker  ·  Source: Palmer


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The new Palmer Supreme Soaker is an attenuator and a load box that is suitable for tube amps with up to 150 Watts. It features an all-analog design speaker simulator and offers great amp tones at various volumes.

Palmer Supreme Soaker

Palmer’s Supreme Soaker is a beast of a product, offering a fully analog solution for guitarists looking to tame tube amplifiers. This has many advantages, one being that it doesn’t require an app or software to use. Just plug in, dial in what you require, and go play your guitar.


The compact set-top box can sit directly on top of your amp and it comes with a well laid out, easy-to-read front panel. As mentioned in the introduction, this attenuator can handle up to 150 Watts of tube power. Making, it potentially a great tool for the studio, or home use.





The left-hand side of the unit contains most of the attenuation and speaker simulator controls. The analog speaker simulator offers five speaker tones; Jennifer, Jimi, David, George, and Eric. Along with a Line EQ with settings labeled Memphis, Liverpool, Hamburg, Nashville, and Helsinki. Plus, settings for the Amp to Line Out, and the main Speaker Attenuation settings.


Mic Input and more

The right side then features controls for the Input and Output levels. These include a Mic In which allows users to feed in a mic’d up speaker cabinet signal with the attenuated amp signal. Then it has controls for the Line Out level, Aux In, and headphone level. This attenuator has all the major controls you could hope for, and I like the ability to use the mic input.


Rear Panel

The rear panel features balanced stereo XLR Line Outputs, a stereo FX Loop, and a Reamp Out, for studio re-amping purposes. Along with a combined mic/line input and switches for pad, amp load, etc

Palmer_Supreme_Soaker rear panel

NAMM 2024

The new Supreme Soaker is being launched at the 2024 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Therefore, anyone attending can head to their booth #17102 which could be fun, as you could try it out and tame some tube amps.

It certainly, looks like a solid bit of kit, robust and no fuss. Making it perfect for guitarists and recording studios that require a professional attenuator solution.

Available to preorder at Thomann / price: €1190,00

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Palmer Supreme Soaker

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2 responses to “Palmer Supreme Soaker: Tame up to 150 Watts of tube power”

    SA says:

    Not cheap, but looks like a winner to me. I’m definitely interested. I have loved the other Palmer gear I have.

    Peter Schaefer says:

    is the line out (reamp) a stereo output to take advantage of the stereo loop?

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