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Hardly any developer out there loves vacuum tubes quite like Overloud does! I think I’ve lost count of how many tube gear sims they’ve developed over the years besides TH3, their flagship guitar amp simulator.


O’loud shows no signs of stopping, though. Their latest release aims – quite ambitiously, I may add – to recreate three incarnations of the famous Fairchild 670 compressor. This is the unanimous granddaddy of all modern compressors and limiters. Here’s an entertaining read by VintageKing on the matter for all the curious minds among you.

The plug-in market is ripe with F670 emulations of wildly varying quality, which means Overloud worked hard in order to differentiate their product. Hence, COMP670 provides not one, but three 670 compressors for you to play with.

The three emulated units all sound somewhat different from each other, due to natural inconsistencies in their design and build alongside their unique service history. Each unit belongs to a different studio as well – one was measured at a London facility, another in Los Angeles, and the third was found at a studio in Milano.

You are free to choose between each model in real-time, and on top of that, Overloud has enriched the original design with a tweakable lo-cut filter on the sidechain input which reduces the compressor’s low frequency sensitivity.

Additionally, a trim pot inside the original hardware used to make it possible to change the compression character between soft and hard-knee. Said trim pot has been relocated to the compressor’s front panel. Finally, a simple parallel compression/Dry-Wet control has been added to control summing the compressor output to the original audio source.

All in all, this is another respectable release by Overloud, honouring a timeless classic while taking advantage of digital technology to bring meaningful improvements in functionality. That’s one way of making a Fairchild plug-in interesting and cutting-edge, for sure!

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EUR 79.00 incl. VAT (down from EUR 129.00). Compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac systems in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

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