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After a long wait the brand new T Rex Replicator Tape Delay has finally been released. So how will this old school technology fit into a modern world?

Real Tape Echo Delay unik hand built in Denmark  ·  Source:


The brand new T Rex Replicator Tape Delay has finally been released. The unit was alluded to earlier in the year by the company and some sneak peak videos did emerge online around the 2015 NAMM show.


So this unit is based on a traditional tape delay unit not unlike the infamous WEM Delay units from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. The unit is not valve unlike some of the earlier tape delay machines, so it’ll hopefully be a lot easier to maintain than the early tape delay units. However with these units you are using real tape, so you’ll need to get used to cleaning, servicing and maintaining a tape delay.

I grew up with tape delays and can honestly say that maintaining a tape delay unit is not a fun job and so it’s not like an old analogue BBD or Digital Delay unit. In fact far from it. Plus you will need to replace the tape stock every once in a while.

They do not like dust or smoke and can be notoriously quirky live when subjected to moisture, heat and dirt particles. On the plus side they do sound amazing and you will get some really authentic sounding old school delay sounds that modern equipment is always struggling to replicate (see what I did there).

I’m a huge fan of T Rex effects and am looking forward to the final release of what could be a very awesome piece of guitar equipment. Especially as I grew up owning WEM tape delays and had a lot of fun with them as a kid. So I for one would love to get one in the studio to experiment with. Tape delays can be a great piece of equipment for the studio and have inspired many musicians over the years.

Should be shipping sometime around now, so expect stock to hit dealers in January.

Link below to the ‘sneak peak’ video from earlier this year, so you can get an idea of the sounds available.


  • 100% analog signal
  • True bypass
  • Two playback heads for three modes of operation
  • Tap tempo and chorus
  • Kill dry switch
  • Expression pedal control of time and feedback

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