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Untitled Limiter plug-in

Untitled Limter plug-in  ·  Source:


Boz Digital Labs have taken the bonkers step in letting the internet name their new limiter plug-in. Will we ever learn?


Well, at least they say they’ll pick their favourite rather than letting people vote on it so hopefully “Limity” or maybe “Bricky McBrickface” as it’s a brick wall limiter, won’t end up the winner. It’s currently got over 1200 suggestions in the comments section so I’m not sure this method is going to save them any time.

The prize is a free copy of the plug-in when it’s released and of course the knowledge that you came up with Pluggy McPlugface all by yourself.

Here’s the details of the plug-in:

It’s a brick wall mastering limiter designed to push the loudness while keeping the punch and tonality.

Limiter Features:

  • Dual Limiting Modes
  • Huge variety of styles with simple interface
  • Insanity Check normalizes your level so you can compare your original sound with the compressed sound without introducing a level change.
  • Up to 8x oversampling to prevent intersample peaks.
  • Dithering, because… Why not?

The competition runs until the 4th September. Go and win yourself a free copy here.

Untitled Limiter plug-in

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