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Nektar supports Reason 9

Nektar supports Reason 9  ·  Source:

Propellerhead Reason 9 was released only yesterday (click here for all the new features). In response, keyboard controller maker Nektar has released an update to support the 3 new player devices in their DAW integration.

The Nektar Panorama and Impact controller keyboards come with a whole bunch of knobs, pads and sliders. These controls are pre-programmed to map to common features in a range of DAWs. Transport and navigation is all there on buttons. The faders are mapped to the first 8 channels of your DAW mixer, and the knobs map to the pan controls. Press the Instrument button and the knobs are automatically mapped to filters and the faders to envelope and gain. And if it doesn’t match exactly what you’re after it’s very easy to re-map.

To make it work this easily, the Nektar has templates for a wide range of DAWs programmed in, so all you have to do is select it.

A Reason 9 “Player”

With Reason 9 there are 3 new “Player” devices which are now custom mapped to the controls on the keyboard. Integration within Reason as a whole is pretty comprehensive. Redrum is mapped to the pads and on the Panorama you also get LED feedback for controlling the sequencer. The controls also map direct to any Rack Extension making it easy to control whatever device you select.

The update is available now for Nektar Impact and Panorama keyboards. Click here for more information.

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